Fashion and psychology, two extremely opposing worlds beautifully blended together to fight social injustice and change the world. The psychology of self-perception is a fascinating topic, and it's especially remarkable when applied to fashion and liberation. For a company like Jouéur that is dedicated to helping people feel more confident and empowered, psychology is the center point.


One of the key things to understand about self-perception is that it's not just about how we see ourselves, but also how others see us, and how we believe others see us. Our self-image is shaped by the feedback we receive from others, and this can have a profound impact on our confidence and sense of self-worth.


For minority women and men, this can be particularly challenging, as they may face negative stereotypes and biases that can undermine their self-esteem and self value. Social norms and expectations can greatly shape the course and outcome of your life before you even have a say in the matter. That's why Jouéur fights. To keep who you are, your choice. 


In addition to the psychological benefits of feeling confident and empowered, there are also practical benefits to improving our self-perception. Studies have shown that people who have a positive self-image are found as more attractive and more likely to succeed in their careers, have better relationships, and enjoy better physical health.


So, in short, the work that Jouéur and it's members are doing is incredibly important, both for the individuals who wear the fashion and for society as a whole. By promoting positive self-perception, encouraging self assuredness, and unity, Jouéur is creating a better looking world.