Jouéur is the Black Owned "psych-fashion" company— the world's first ever. We are revolutionizing the fashion space by prioritizing not the fashion but the psychological effects of it. We are using luxury fashion to empower the minds of underserved communities and raise mental health. By transforming luxury fashion from a symbol of status into a beacon of social acceptance and shared experience, Jouéur is not only increasing confidence and mental health, but rewriting social norms that benefit us all. With a French origin translating to “Player,” in English, Jouéur is not something you wear, it is something you are. Something you believe in, belong to, and identify with. Jouéur is not about the fashion, it’s about you.

It's in you, not on you.

You in?

It's In You, Not On You

"Jouéur is able to make empowerment and inclusion attractive and appealing again. The future is limitless and Jouéur is revolutionizing it."

"Finally, a brand that can be both luxurious and socially conscious."


Fashion, psychology, and REVOLUTION.


In a world with so much separation and division, Jouéur gives you belonging.


Whatever you believe to be true, is true. Jouéur brings out the best in you.


The art of perception. Fashion has the ability to improve the way others and yourself, think about you. Jouéur has you covered.